This page will have information about Hurley bolt pullers and other tools for replacing bolts. It is under construction so feel free to email me if you have any questions.

Hurley Bolt Pullers

Hurley bolt pullers were originally introduced to bolt replacement crews in April 2016 at the Future of Fixed Anchors conference in Las Vegas. They are inexpensive and durable tools designed to pull old bolts from rock climbs for replacement. The Access Fund has been manufacturing and distributing these tools since then and distributing them to bolt replacement teams throughout the country.

To request a tool from the AF, follow this link.

Building your own bolt puller is possible, and I have instructions below for doing so. Please be advised that by using these plans to construct and use these tools, you are accepting all liability for any accidents or injuries that may occur. Thanks!

Hurley Jr

Used for removing: 3/8″ wedge bolts, 3/8″ sleeve bolts, and 3/8″ split shafts with the correct techniques. See the procedure for removing each type of bolt at the Access Fund website here.

Parts and assembly instructions: